Sunday, January 07, 2007

Perceptions about relations!

A certain movie I saw today had a dialogue - "the current world is getting too complex and to deal with it, we need to build equally complex relations".

How does one really differentiate between relations which were otherwise supposed to be the usual ones? Is it more of a break-up of the existing framework or an entirely new platform?

The first person perspective, I guess, is divided into three aspects - social, professional and personal. Colleagues and friends, traditionally an overlapping set, seem to drift towards two mutually exclusive sets, barring a few exceptions. To complicate it further, situations demand the same person to be in both the sets as two instances, existing independent of each other. Can this itself be considered as an "instance" of the statement earlier?

I dunno a jackshit about philosophy or human behaviour, but a little thinking opens to a lot more...

3 Responses to “Perceptions about relations!”

contraddict said...

Boy! you into discovering newer theories of RELATEivity or sumthin? [:-)]

Kunal said...

well.. not yet.. but not a bad option i guess ;)

Adi said...

Boy - make it simple - the one whom you like - is the person u should hang around with. Everything else can be taken care of as and when you want to manage Perceptions :)

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