Thursday, February 04, 2010

Live from Door Darshan, yeh hai Aajtak

The Divergence and Convergence of Indian Television?

Just think about the nostalgic childhood TV time most of us 'average' Indian homes had. DD was the only channel around. DD Metro caught up sometime later.

Who can forget Humlog, Stone Boy, Giant Robot, Chayageet, Nukkad, Surabhi, Buniyaad and ofcourse our good old News from Delhi (lets keep the discussion around government control for later :) )... phenomenal entertainment value driven by a basket of content.

Basically, one channel showing us
- News
- Soaps
- Events (Live / Deferred)
- Kids Shows
- Music

Past the liberalization of '91 and fast forward to the today's television.

A plethora of genres and a bombardment of options in each genre. Indian viewers have access to over 400 channels (please excuse me for the lack of actual data). A classic case of divergence!

So whats new?

The era of breaking news..... the new improved one stop shop for your daily dose of entertainment!

From religion...

to nature

bollywood ...

bollywood newswire...

celeb talk shows...

reality shows...

informative news... (dont miss this one)

game shows...

live events...

and soaps!

They have got it all!

So for you nostalgic people who want a one stop solution to your tv entertainment needs... switch to Breaking News on indian television!

.... on a slightly serious note, this is what Indian audience has come to and demands for; and hence the supply and an excellent business model around it.

Dekhte rahiye... ye hai... beep beep!

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One response to “Live from Door Darshan, yeh hai Aajtak”

Aditi said...

ha ha..awesome clips dude! where did ya get them all???

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