Monday, September 04, 2006

Life @ VGSoM

Finally...... i get a small breather to post here

Last coupla weeks have been like a martian... some weird timings.... sleep at dawnbreak (east of india... day breaks at 5 am) ... get up at 8... eat ... caffeine doses every 2 hrs --> LIFE

Its been crazy since day one.... juggling between cases (studying and taking ), assignments, 'x'plans (x=variable {A..Z}), volleyball, night canteen, adding mass to body (otherwise called eating), presentations, reports and ... uhmm.... mmm... studies

The interesting part is... end of the day... U kinda like it

Faculty has some real gurus... giving a different level of thinking... gets you thinking on your fundas and rework on your perspectives and perceptions. Junta happens to be senior, quite senior, having a good touch of practicality in every discussion/chat/argument that happens in and out of the class. Add to that the usual hostel life (ah....finally!), lots of arbit talk and incoherent happenings giving the smirk and smile on a hard day's night.

Wel....... cutting it short now..... gotta get back to POM (ops mgmt) ... exams frm 15th can be painful

Rock on ...

2 Responses to “Life @ VGSoM”

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dips said...

oye!!! kahan hai?! updates??????

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