Monday, February 08, 2010

Out of (Caller) Tune?

3 idiots, Paa, Ishqiya.... some of the popular movie tracks you tend to hear when calling people in the recent past. The caller tune concept has caught up pretty well with the Indian audience, contributing more than 55% of the Indian VAS market (which was pegged at USD 1.5 bn in 2008 and growing real fast).

Offlate, you would have observed this stupidly recorded voice talking out "Is gaane ko apni caller tune banane ke liye..." (i.e. copy this tune by pressing a certain key. charges are x&y and terms and conditions apply).

I have heard this on Reliance but not sure if it plays on other networks as well. (Probably Airtel -

Hard to believe someone could come up with such a flawed model and have it implemented too.

It is phenomenally screwed up on two major grounds -

One - you ruin the entire fun of having a good caller tune because all you hear is the same irritating message whenever you call a number. So 'user experience' which is suppose to be the basis of VAS (because I pay a premium over the basic services) goes for a complete toss.

Two - IT DOES NOT HELP YOUR REVENUES, because most of the times the person you call picks up the phone before the goddamn message ends and the caller song starts... which in normal case, is the duration of about 2-3 rings or the first couple of lines of a normal caller tune.

Hence, despite being irritated, I do not know what song is being played so HOW on earth will I replicate it and contribute to your topline?

Get it Mr Amazing-Marketing-Genius-who-designed-this-concept?

One response to “Out of (Caller) Tune?”

Neelam said...

heheheh... must agree, do agree with you!

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